My Journey

My Journey
October 26

Early Life (Birth-Childhood)

❖ Fleeing from Ethiopia. Born into an uncertain world in Ethiopia, at a mere age of three, I found my life taking an unexpected turn. My parents, with their hearts heavy with fear and hope, made a brave choice to escape Ethiopia aspiring for a better future for me .

❖ Coming of Age in Netherlands. Our refuge became the Netherlands, and that’s where I spent my childhood and adolescent years. This phase of my life was a rich fusion of cultures, a composite that deeply influenced and broadened my perspective on the world.

❖ The Western Influence. Living in the West imprinted on my upbringing with endless opportunities and experiences that might never have been within my reach, had we stayed in Ethiopia. The liberty and the relaxed approach to life fostered a nurturing environment for me to explore and understand life, instilling within me an immense gratitude for my parents brave decision to migrate.

❖ A Cultural Dichotomy. A pivotal aspect of my life has been navigating the culture-cross of an Ethiopian household nestled in Western society. Outside the home, my world was painted in Western hues; however, inside, my roots were deeply and evidently Ethiopian. This challenging yet enriching confluence of distinct cultures granted me the unique privilege of living and learning from diverse perspectives at once.

August 1

Early Adulthood: My Entrepreneurial Journey

❖ Identifying the First Problem – First company

➢ Spurring the Idea of Creation. Being a natural problem solver, I found my path towards entrepreneurship as I encountered my first “problem” on the work floor during my internship in a medical centre. With 0 knowledge and lots of courage and I created my first SaaS product based on the problems I and colleagues faced.

July 1

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

❖ From immigrant roots to corporate suits

➢ Leading the Queens Football League (QFL). I had the honor of pioneering as the CEO of the first female American football league in the Netherlands – the Queens Football League.

➢ Founding Sporthy. Next, I embarked on establishing Sporthy, a fitness platform designed to bridge the gap between sports professionals and enthusiasts.

➢ Launching My Own Clothing Line – Kanessa. Always eager for innovative paths, I launched a premium clothing line named after myself, offering fashionable products to an underserved market.

➢ Rebranding to MULU. Thinking globally, I planned the rebranding of my clothing line. Thus, MULU was born – offering Web3 ready apparel to the international market.

➢ Building a Web3 Platform. In an effort to support education and uplift communities, I embarked on constructing a web 3 platform. Primarily geared towards educating the people of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Africa about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse.

January 14

Early Adulthood – My Educational Journey

❖ Making My Parents Proud 

➢ Guided by Family Expectations. Influenced by the weight of my family’s expectations and the cultural prominence of high professional titles such as doctors and lawyers, I found myself walking down the path of a medical career. Though my personal passion for the profession was absent, I pursued it with the aim of making my parents proud.

➢ The Epiphany. My journey in Health Care led to a transformative realization – this career did not align with my inner calling. I painfully acknowledged that my heart was not in healthcare, and the title of a doctor did not symbolize a genuine love for the job. It was merely a societal expectation. With resolve, I decided not to complete my medical education, validating my belief that becoming a doctor was never my personal aspiration.

January 15

Present Day: My Projects and Goals

❖ Today, I continue my ventures embodying the spirit of an entrepreneur, perpetually seeking new challenges and opportunities to explore and solve. This spirit has been a consistent guide throughout my journey.

❖ The ‘Founder’s Mentality’ Project. This project blossomed from my personal experiences as an immigrant-turned-entrepreneur. It’s not centered around monetary wealth, but is deeply rooted in the values of freedom, family, and fostering the success of others.

April 28

A Look Into the Future: My Goals and Aspirations

❖ Looking forward, I envision myself continually aiding others on their entrepreneurial journeys while also realizing my personal dreams. Sharing my success with my loved ones and our community remains a top priority.

❖ My aspirations extend beyond just the personal sphere as well. I am deeply interested in investing in African and Asian countries, as I firmly believe in the immense potential and future growth these regions hold. My intention is to be an active participant in the economic growth of these nations, contributing positively to their development. This is more than a plan for me – it is a passion, my vision for a future where mutual growth and prosperity are achievable and celebrated.