Kanessa Launches World’s First-Ever NFT Tokens As A Clothing Brand

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By Kanessa Muluneh January 6, 2022

The plus-size (sports) clothing line designs fashion activewear for plus-size women and has created NFT tokens to provide buyers with a rich digital wardrobe

January 6, 2022 – Kanessa is delighted to announce that it has launched NFT tokens for its fashion-forward activewear for plus-size women. Launched on the OpenSea platform, the new tokens are the world’s first-ever clothing line tokens and were designed to provide buyers with a rich digital wardrobe.

The clothing brand is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based entrepreneur Kanessa Muluneh. Kanessa previously designed the full clothing line for female American Football players in The Netherlands. And earlier in November, launched a loungewear collection specifically for plus-size women.

Generally, an NFT certificate is attached to a digital object – such as an art piece or in this case, the plus-size activewear. After purchase, the token is registered as a property of the buyer via a public database known as the blockchain. Through her recent creation, Kanessa seeks to not only express her creativity but also create and perhaps strengthen the connection between her customers and the digital world.

“We start with 10 to 30 tokens per month and expand this number when we launch new items. At the moment this only applies to the women’s clothing line, later this will also be available to a yet-to-be-launched men’s collection.”

The talented founder, and businesswoman, says she is driven by the desire to make plus-size people feel beautiful and comfortable in her clothes. Plus-size is not only a category at Kanessa, you are the main topic. The idea for the tokens found life in Kanessa’s mind during the lockdown and provided her with a new way to showcase her clothing line to the world. The move by the brand has been widely celebrated not only as an industry-first but also because of the philosophy of inclusiveness and acceptance it carries into the digital world of NFTs.

Anyone interested in checking out the NFTs for themselves can visit its listing on the OpenSea platform and also purchase their preferred token using Ethereum.


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