There’s no doubt about the power of social media. It’s a great tool for communication and connection. I would advise entrepreneurs to definitely consider social media marketing as one of the key marketing tools for brand development. It can provide a great avenue unlike a physical location especially for brands like mine. You never have to worry about the middle person. You are reaching out directly to your tribe.

Note though just like there are pros, there are cons. Managing social media is no walk in the park but it’s absolutely worth it. That’s something we’ll explore another time. Today, I’d like to focus on my personal and business social media accounts and how these differ in terms of engagement. Currently, my personal Instagram (@kanessamuluneh) has over 28.7K followers and my business account (@kanessa.official) has 72.6K followers. These numbers are growing as I pen this blog.

I post on my personal Instagram about once a day or every couple of days. Sometimes, the break is longer due to my busy schedule. For my business Instagram, I post twice daily. Which account do you believe gets more engagement? If you guessed my personal account, ding ding you are correct! Why do you believe my personal Instagram gets more engagement than my business Instagram?


Let’s examine this together. Every time I post on @kanessamuluneh, I get comments. @kanessa.official, it’s not the same. Sometimes, a post on my business account gets comments, sometimes it doesn’t.  I share bits of my personal life on @kanessamuluneh. I also talk about my business ventures and post cute videos/photos of my son. On my business Instagram, it’s either photos of me, my curvy Ambassadors (who you will love BTW) or something relating to the brand. I already mentioned the posting frequency for each account. Most of the followers on both accounts are people I do not know personally. Some followers follow both accounts.

So why does the one with fewer followers get more comments and overall engagement? It’s mainly because it’s not personal. It’s business and most people treat it as such. I could have the most friendly posts and photos that match the tone of these posts on @kanessa.official and post the same image and caption on @kanessamuluneh, the latter will always get more people speaking and actually speaking in relation to the caption/image. It’s just the way it is. Social media or not, business is business.

I am not daunted by this. Each platform has its purpose. Fortunately, my personal account has enough followers to somehow drive traffic to my business account/website. I utilize what I have going on with @kanessamuluneh to support @kanessa.official. It works really well. So to me, my personal and business accounts go hand in hand. And for now, I am happy that’s the way it is. What’s been your experience with your personal social media accounts vs your business? What differences do you notice? I would love to hear all about your experience.

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