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Kanessa Health

Kanessa Health
July 24, 2019 Kanessa Muluneh

Hi loves!

I hope July has been a productive and joyous month for you so far. It’s been a pretty hectic month for me. That’s my life now. I’ve grown to accept this. You might know that aside from my business ventures, I’ve been on a fitness journey. Well, my personal trainer has to force me into the gym sometimes. I know it’s that bad *facepalm*

It was during training one day that he spoke to me about my diet. He said to me
”You always work out but you don’t adjust your food. “  I explained to him that I’m very busy every day and don’t have the time to cook. Most times, I do takeouts and order something in. He advised me it is not impossible to be healthy with my current lifestyle. He then said he’ll teach me how. An idea struck me as he said that. I realized that I can share these tips and my own health journey with others.

Running a sportswear brand for curvy women has opened me up to the issues we faced especially as it relates to health. I’m not denying that we are more at risk for certain illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. But note, all these can be prevented through exercise and diet. So, I decided to start Kanessa Health where I’ll share best practices as it relates to healthy living. The focus though bis not to lose weight but to be healthy without losing your curves. I truly believe that curvy women can be voluptuous and healthy.

What we need to realize as a people is that healthy figures come in all shapes and sizes. Your look doesn’t particularly determine the status of your health. You want to ensure your organs are functioning well, that your immune system is stable, that you have no deficiencies or manage whatever ills you might already have to live with. Also, let’s not forget mental health as that is as important as your physical health. You need to value, accept and respect yourself. Know what to feed on emotionally, mentally and physically. Do your mind and body right.

So if you are ready to give yourself the best treatment, stay tuned to this space. I’ll be sharing details about Kanessa Health soon. Feel free to message me your thoughts. Until my next blog, stay curvy, happy and healthy.



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