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How I Spend My Holidays

How I Spend My Holidays
June 12, 2019 Kanessa Muluneh

In an ideal world, business owners get holidays and sick days off. We’ll be able to turn off all our devices and tune out anyone who wants to do business. We can spend all day relaxing, really relaxing and giving our loved ones 100% of us. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, that’s exactly what it is – a dream. In the real world, business owners (especially those in the first 5 years of development) do not have the luxury of taking all holidays off. In the words of Rihanna, we have to “work work work work work” on weekdays, weekends, Easter, on our birthdays, etc.

It’s not all that daunting though especially when you enjoy and manage what you do. So far, I’ve been spending the holidays with my family but not without work. I do only what is utmost important and needs to be done. I always ensure my family is aware of my to-dos so that they won’t feel neglected when I have to spend a few minutes or an hour on the laptop or phone. It is imperative that I communicate this and that they understand. My husband does the same.

We knew what we signed up for when we decided to launch into entrepreneurship. Hardly any great rewards in life are without sacrifices. This is just one such sacrifice for now. The benefit though of owning my business is that I can work while being around them. Even if I am not actively participating in a conversation or activity, they have my presence. I have theirs and sometimes, just being around them is enough.

There are two holidays though that offer a complete break from work. These are Christmas and New Year’s. With these two, we don’t have to do a thing business-wise. Our Christmas has morphed from the traditional experience to more just utilizing this day to chill. We try not to make any plans. We rest, relax and rejuvenate. This really is special for us.

We try to get as much time in as we can with our son. Sometimes, it’s just staying up with him in the nights when he’s awake. Even though we are exhausted, it’s a bonding we treasure. We bring him on our trips and try to include him as much as possible. I’m actually a bit tired as I am writing this. But, I totally appreciate this journey and can’t wait to see what’s in store for my sportswear.

Entrepreneurship, like any great goal in life, takes sacrifices. But, we can manage enough to not let our ventures completely obliterate spending quality time with our families during the holidays. You can do what’s absolutely necessary as it relates to your tasks and make some time for the people you love always.


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