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Growing My Instagram Following from 0 to over 25,000 followers

Growing My Instagram Following from 0 to over 25,000 followers
May 15, 2019 Kanessa Muluneh

Growing my Instagram from 0 to over 25,000 followers

After I started my clothing line, I decided to use my personal Instagram I had at the time for business. It had a few thousand followers then. I now have over 50,000 followers for that account, which is, now called kanessa.official. I then started another personal account. I thought it was necessary to have both since I am also a blogger and vlogger.

This new one started at 0 followers. I didn’t have a particular target number in mind. I knew I wanted to have that audience for my other ventures and just to share a few personal posts with. I used a variety of hashtags, high qualify photos and tied some of my posts with my business account. Of course a few people from my old account followed me. My followers grew slowly over the next few months. I ensured I posted at least once daily. It wasn’t difficult to come up with content. Thanks to my business ventures, there’s always something to talk about.

It took me 7 months to grow my following to 10,000. After that, it kind of skyrocketed. I get several followers daily now. I found Instagram to be an interesting and useful platform. It can also get a little weird. Sometimes, I get inappropriate messages. Most times though, I get sincere questions about what I’m doing. Instagram has proven itself to be the best platform for selling online.

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following, stay consistent even when your following is below 500. It takes time to build your audience.  Talk about things that genuinely interest you whether that’s about your field or your personal life. That will help you to stay consistent. Share posts from others with similar interests. You can even schedule your posts in advance with Hootsuite, Later or any other like software. And remember you are talking to real people, so don’t be too stiff. Show your personality. Put a little humour in if that’s your thing.

Don’t get too consumed by Instagram though. Don’t keep watching your followers count, the number of likes you get, etc. Just treat it like another task. It will grow organically. You don’t need to stress over that. Have fun with it. Put your brand out there. Share your opinions. But keep it balanced. You don’t have time to be online all day everyday.


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