Growing up as a kid from Ethiopia, all you hear is people who want to go to the United States AND LIVE OUT THE AMERICAN DREAM but we seem to be forgetting one little detail there are many dreams that we can all live.

I came to the Netherland when I was just 3 years old and I have been able to build a great life here living the European dream with my son and husband. So I’ll be taking you through the amazing opportunities that you can experience here in Europe.

We all know American dream places more focus on individual wealth as a means of independence whereas, the European dream believes in sustainable development and interdependence. This is one thing that I love about The Netherlands and Europe as a whole is the fact that they push for a more balanced society rather than just a few with all the money.

A lot of people have this common misconception that Europe as a whole is not commercialised and it’s just a continent that is built of a rich history (which is true). But this is so far from the truth because

The Netherlands, for instance, is the home of commercialisation. Netherlands is one of the top 20 most advanced countries based on HDI rankings with an index of 0.931 as against America with an index of 0.924. To crown all of these, Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with over 180 nationalities represented.

Living in Europe gives you easy access to a lot of amazing cities in the World like Paris, London, Rome and the likes and my family takes full advantage of this opportunity to travel anytime we want and explore different European cities and cultures.

One of the things that I find amazing about Europe is how advanced the countries are in terms of technology. Today, European countries, are ranked as some of the best tech countries in the world. The government encourages IT and technologically inclined individuals. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking to learn or get a job, these countries are totally supportive of your dreams.

You will be surprised to know that Amsterdam alone has over 5 museums and other cultural centers. What does this mean for the artist? Welcome to Europe!

Being home to 61 out of the 140 top companies in the world, Europe is a breeding ground for anyone with good marketing skills and innovations. So it is really not hard to see why I love it here.

For those with a genuine interest in managing finances and multiplication of resources, Europe is one of the places to invest in.

Quality of living in Europe is relatively cheap when compared to the United States. Certainly, expensive cities exist but regardless of your budget, you can live quite a comfortable life in most European countries.

Technically, I can say that the European dream is people’s dream. The continent does not only encourage you to work, but it also provides the platforms for you to do excellently well. But it is also important to note that just like every other continent with humans, Europe has its weaknesses and challenges. Their level of liberality has also complicated some of their problems but above all of that, Europeans believe in the “power of us” which always comes through for them.

So, before relocating to Europe, do well to find out which cities are most suitable for your passion. If in the end, you do not succeed, you may have just camped in the wrong place. I have lived here for the best part of my life and I’m loving it.

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