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Business Travels

Business Travels
May 29, 2019 Kanessa Muluneh

Before having my own business, I use to travel just for leisure. I could have taken a road trip with the hubby or a girls’ trip with my closest friends without even having a phone or laptop. Now, that is not possible.

I now couple business with leisure. I would bring or wear my sportswear so I can take photos of it being worn in different cities. I can no longer leave my phone at home. But, I try to decrease the number of tasks I’m doing whenever I am with my family or friends.

The trick is to do only what’s absolutely necessary. If something can wait, let it. We already dedicate so much of our time to business. Neglecting our love ones when they’re trying to get some quality time with you just won’t do. It will stress them and you out. I am after all an entrepreneur not just for the sake of independence but for the independence of my love ones. Business wouldn’t be the same if I did it solely for me.

I can’t say ‘strike a balance’. That would be a lie especially for someone like me still in the very early stages of building my business. Try instead to make practical commitments and stick to them. If you are not able to, communicate this right away. Only cancel if there’s a mutual agreement. If not, reschedule for the next best slot. You could say it’s compromise for both parts of your life.

Also, whenever possible, try to delegate tasks to staff members or train someone to take over that task for you. As your company grows, your role grows and you shouldn’t forget that you are only one person with one life. With that in mind, pack your bags (and your phone) and go on that well-needed trip with the people you love. They’ll understand as long as you also understand that you are more than an entrepreneur.


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