This Is My Story, Because If I Can, So Can You.

I am Kanessa Muluneh, a multi-talented, passion-filled woman with experience in starting businesses from scratch and getting them to million-dollar status. My brand strategy, style, visual concept, and competitive approach stem from my background. As an Ethiopian-born immigrant, I am fuelled by a deep passion and understanding of the subtle differences that exist across cultures. Have leveraged these approaches and turned my passion for sports, business, fitness, fashion, and football into a successful entrepreneur.

Who Is Kanessa Muluneh?

I Am Your Everyday Woman With A Fresh And Exciting Perspective On Life. I Am A Goal-Getting Entrepreneur Taking The Business Sphere By Storm, Dropping Ideas, Products, And Services That Are Focusing The Spotlight On Me.

But Being A Successful Businesswoman Is A Big Shoe To Wear—I Am A Mom Of Two Adorable Kids And Married To A Handsome And Supportive Husband, Remco Coerman.

What More Could A Girl Want?

Tiring day. They are a handsome young man memphis and the princess of the home is malyché. But that does not stop me. In fact, I gain strength to push through challenges and deliver success in unlikely circumstances because of my family.

My lovely kids

What drives me?

Coming to the Netherlands at a very young age was an opportunity that changed everything. I am optimistic, full of dreams and schooling, and living in the Netherlands gave me the atmosphere to define my purpose positively. My mindfulness and playfulness are seen in the fashion pieces created to inspire, strengthen, and boost confidence in plus-size women.

My Achievements

I am a woman, a mom, and a wife before anything else. However, being an entrepreneur and lover of American football, I am the founder of the first all-female football league in the Netherlands, the queens football league. Football is only the beginning. I am plus size and run a full fashion line for plus size women to regain their confidence, control their space and explore their sexy side in alluring and elegant pieces.

My clothing line ranges from underwear to athleisure and everything in between. I focus on creating comfortable and stylish clothes that you can wear all day long. Being a sports enthusiast, I am also a tech person, and sporthy is a baby of mine. It is a fitness platform connecting sports experts with everyday people and helps you stay informed about your wellbeing.