Kanessa Muluneh

About Me

Hello awesome person!

Welcome to my website. I am glad you are here, and if you love to add success to each growth phase in your life, you are on the right page. I am Kanessa Mulumeh-Coerman, an Ethiopian with a passion for business, change, sports, and success. So if you love being a mom, entrepreneur, and married, then hi-five and let’s get started; I call it the Momtrepreneurage.

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

If you made it through the previous year, you are a survivor, and regardless of what happened, you did your best, but it is time to move on to greater heights. It was a year of plenty – the good, the great, the scary, and the bad for me. How did yours go?

Like I already mentioned, I am an entrepreneur and the owner and founder of an all-female football league, the Queens Football League. The previous year brought so many trepidations for the welfare and health of my team, coaches, players, and everyone I work with. By the way, Queens Football League is Netherlands’ first American Football league for women. It is a dream, and one that I am glad is blossoming it into a beautiful flower.

Outside my love for sports, I am passionate about fitness and getting the right gear, especially for women. I am plus size; I love my figure and want other women to feel that way too. So, I am also the proud owner of Kanessa Active-wear Line for curvy women, and my latest product line, plus size lingerie. So if you like sports, fitness and still want to pull the sexy card, Kanessa is your one-stop for all.

A bit of me

I am married to a supportive and loving Man, Remco Coerman, and a mom to two adorable angels. A handsome chap named Memphis and a princess, Malyche.

Life is not a journey without trails, but every day was a lesson and worth it. I am so in love and cannot wait for what is next. The New Year brings hope not just for me but for all that works and connects with me. Whether it is privately or through my products, I love you all, and here is a gigantic hug from me to you. I have a long sheet of things to do, and you all get to journey with me. I will be sharing updates of my life and other juicy bits via all my platforms, so waiting to hear from you all.

As the Kanessa coast expands, you will get to see the progress right here. I love being an entrepreneur. It is a personal victory for me asides from being a mom and married. My kids are growing up so fast; you will see exciting milestones too. Additionally, I will share my Ethiopian heritage and culture with you. Don’t worry about the Dutch in me; I still have and share my culture, background, and tradition at every opportunity.

Look forward to rocking this New Year with you all. Feel free to drop your comments, suggestions, or DM me if it’s something more private. These are the websites to connect to – the Queens Football League www.queensleague.com to know more. If you have a passion for females in rough sports, get in touch today. Otherwise, visit our www.kanessa.net for the sports/fitness and lingerie for plus size curvy women. Furthermore, connect at www.kanessahealth.net, a fitness dance class where we happily shake our problems off through music. The www.kanessavirtual.net is a unique page created to enable our members to interact with fitness experts to reach their fitness goals.

Welcome to another year! HURRAY

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