Kanessa Muluneh

About Me

From Ethiopia to The Netherland, nurse to entrepreneur, daughter to mother and single to married, I am Kanessa Muluneh-Coerman. Welcome to my website! If you love stories about momtrepreneurage (Mother Entrepreneur &Married), then you’ll feel right at home here.

2019 was filled with milestones for me. How was yours? I am now the owner and founder of Queens Football League (QFL) which is Netherland’s first American Football league for women, Mokums’ Products & Kanessa Sports Line for curvy women. So if you’re also a football fan and fashionable then you’ll be addicted to this page 😛

I am married to Remco Coerman and mom to a babyboy named Memphis Mendaco Adriaan Coerman & a babygirl names Malyché Celeste Coerman. Whew, what a year, eh? Not without trials of course but every day was worth it. I’m so in love with this journey.

Now in 2020, I’m looking forward to seeing what life has to offer and you get to experience these with me! I’ll be sharing bits of my life through this medium. You’ll see snaps of my business ventures (BTW being an entrepreneur is the best thing I’ve done other than getting married and becoming a mother), random pics of hubby and a few stories about the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being Ethiopian? Well, you’re in luck! I’ll also be showing you delicious slices of my culture. Looking forward to connecting with you all, my beautiful readers! Feel free to drop me a comment, DM, message anytime. Also, here’s the website for QFL: www.queensleague.com website if you wish to see more of what we’re doing with football. You’ll love the passion and guts of these women. Also check out my sports line on www.kanessa.net :-).

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